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Day 3 at Worldskills Competition Leipzig 2013


With two days into the Competition, all the Indian competitors are happy with their performances so far. All competitors have come to Leipzig aspiring to learn and experience something which they would not do otherwise in their normal routine. Just as it is a learning process for the competitors, it is an equally important learning process for the experts, as they form the backbone of the World Skills India and would be the coaches for future competitions. The knowledge they achieve from the competition is as important as the performance of the young boys and girls.

The World Skills Leipzig is a four day competition which is typically split into four modules for each different skill sets with different time frames. There is some commonality in the entire competition structure, namely that 70% of the desk modules are announced prior to the competition. The competitors have already done certain amount of preparation for this portion. The rest 30% comes as a surprise!

Some of the competitors had to face challenges.  The morale of the participants is high dispute relating to technical issues and having to deal with new components they were not familiar with. Further challenges are the distractions caused by thousands of visitors who passed by as the competitions are held as well as the high level of ambient noise in which they perform.

Many of the competitors are from economically disadvantaged sections of society and some with rural backgrounds. The beauty of the Worldskills is that academics does not preclude one from competing among the best. One of the competitor in the jewellery sector is among the best from his group and has studied only up to class five. This is true also for competitors in the sectors of car painting and auto body repair. It is impressive that the Indian companies have taken the responsibility of training such students all by themselves and had made it possible for the young Indians have equal chance to compete at competitions such as World Skills.

At World Skills competition the young competitors from most skills sectors have to be less than 22 years of age and can participate only once in their lifetime. This is why one has to realize the importance of experts as they have to train different groups each year. Worldskills India has been aiming to get more and more participants from the state and regional levels to compete in such international events.

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