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1. Concerns have been expressed in various quarters over the position taken by the Government of India on the subject of non-adoption of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) by the WTO by the agreed deadline of 31st July 2014.

2. We wish to convey the following about India's position on the matter so that there is a proper appreciation on this important matter.

3. First, India remains committed to the decisions reached at the Bali Ministerial Conference. Our concern arises from the uneven progress on the decisions after the conclusion of the Ministerial Conference, and the focus on Trade Facilitation to the almost complete exclusion of other commitments.  Among these decisions, the one on Public Stock Holding for Food Security Purposes is of particular significance to India.

4. The Ministers had agreed in Bali to establish a Work Programme with the aim of concluding it by the Eleventh Ministerial Conference of the WTO. There has, however, been no movement or progress towards the fulfilment of this decision.  We believe that all the decisions taken at Bali should be implemented.

5. The importance of guaranteeing Food Security in a country that houses one of every seven human beings on the planet cannot be over emphasised. It is important for developing countries like India to be able to guarantee a minimum return to their poor farmers so that they are able to produce enough forthemselves and for domestic Food Security.We believe that the de minimis cap can constrain procurement and Food Security programmes in developing countries, including India, with major socio-economic implications for India as well as for other developing countries.  For this reason it is important to ensure that the Ministerial Decision on Public Stock Holding for Food Security purposes is not side lined and is addressed along with other Bali decisions including the TFA, so that we can ensure balance in the post-Bali Work Programme. 

6. India is ready to engage constructively and actively on Trade Facilitation and all other Bali decisions, and it looks forward to a satisfactory resolution of important issues of concern to the developing countries.

5th August, 2014

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